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Dungeons and Dragons, Hand Crafted RPG Gifts, Potions, DnD Gift Boxes, Dice Bags, Notebooks, Dice Jails, DM Screens & more. Enjoy the Adventure!

Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy & Role Play Games Goodies

D&D and our story

At Creative Quest, we are inspired to handcraft the finest, most beautiful and useful items to use in Dungeons & Dragons to suit all budgets.

First of all we started off when our friend invited us to play Dungeons and Dragons. There was a desire for a fantasy box to keep our dice in, so consequently, we created a book box. A carved wooden tree of life on a lavish Brown leather cover. When the rest of our group caught a glimpse of it they wanted one of their own.

This was the start to our Wonderful Adventure whilst transporting you to a fantasy world, with our crafts which are unique and specific to the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons.

Taking Pride in RPG Gifts!

Trying to continue creating versatile and space saving gaming accessories.

Pride ourselves on using soft supple leather, (vegan options available), gorgeous well made metal embellishments and beautiful wood.

Wide variety of wonderful chests to keep your Dungeons and Dragons dice, notes, minis and pencils for Pathfinder, D&D and other RPG games.

Make it your Quest to find the perfect creation for yourself or give one as a gift to someone special.

A bit of D&D fun!!

One of our ranges are super fun ideas to bring the wonderful world of fantasy to your gaming table experience these include Dice jails to hold those naughty dice. Healing Potion sets, Adjustable magnetic flight stands, inspiration tokens and even Dragon dice guardians.

A little bit of magic goes along way!

We draw inspiration from fantastic books and shows like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Charmed, Vikings and Merlin. Youtube fans of Critical Role and other D&D shows, love our items too!
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Have a Custom Item you would like us to make...

We will be happy to help you create a one of a kind masterpiece!

Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons, RPG & Book of Shadows

Old Book of Shadows, Tomes, Grimoire Notebooks, Book Boxes & DM Screens

Many practicing witches use them as their personal Book of Shadows and Grimoires. Great for the art of scrap booking, albums, family trees and note taking too!

Taking the next step to create something special we are now handcrafting leather bound Tome Grimoire, Spell books, Book of Shadows and fantasy 4 ring Binders.

These make it easy to add your own papers, secret compartments and if you make a mistake just change the page!

Easy, simple and practical solution for any witch , RPG wizard, DnD Scribe or Dungeon master.

Speaking of DM, GM, Dungeon Masters, we have designed an old Book Tome look DM screen, that makes the DM look like he is reading an old book.

These open up into 4 panels and have sunken magnets for attaching all the DM info needed to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons and any other RPG game like Pathfinder…

D&D Dice Goblins, Gaming Geeks or Gift Seekers

We have something special for you, even Freebies!!!

Being an avid Dungeons and Dragons fans, we personally have become what gamers call a Dice Dragon! We just LOVE DICE!!

Surprise, surprise we now have a fantastic variety of gorgeous Dice. Even ones for your specific class in DND in addition we have sparkly ones and Real semi-precious stone sets.

To go alongside our collection of breath taking dice, we have created a dice bag using top quality nappa leather that feels like butter. High quality toggles and unique emblems finnish them off amazingly well.

Cosplay and witches can use them as pouches and bags.

Warhammer players have commissioned XXL ones that fit over 100 D6 dice – WOW!

In conclusion, when you need dice for yourself or for a gift, there is always the magical Creative Quest Shop.

All our items come with free special character sheets and a wax sealed envelope, in other words, we appreciate you.

Our wooden creative storage solutions for your RPG fantasy and witchcraft world, bring the old world to you!

Crafted using the finest woods, leathers and gorgeous authentic metal embellishments they are a must have.

We have designed for all size requirements, budgets and extra special ones for treating yourselves or for a special gift.

In this range we have small to XXL chests, adorned with studs, dragons, D20 emblems.

Solid beech, mango and mahogany Dice Vaults for those extra special Dice sets, and have an old Tome Wizard Spell Book book boxes that hold all your gaming stuff.

We have developed character sheets that fit on a A5 sized format, making more space on your table.

They are easy to read, convenient and have more information than the original D&D sheets.

Alongside these there are many free downloads for your gaming pleasure, including Bag of Holding, reference card on planing Dungeons and Dragons, downtime chart, DM screen into sheets and Faerun Calendar to mention a few.

All FREE to you!  We do have printed 10 pack character sheets for your convenience too!

Treat yourself to a set or similarly treat someone extra special and therefore make their special day!

In conclusion it’s safe to say that ‘We Love D&D’ and we want to share our wonderful creative crafts with you too!

What our Amazing Customers have to say…

We are a 5 Star rated Shop! *****

Flight Stands Combat Risers


The flight stand concept has become popular recently, but it’s hard to find someone actually making them. The quality of them really blew me out of the water, it’s much better than ones I have seen made before. Everything from the parts to the packaging showed they really cared about the product. Fight me in the sky!!!


Dice Chest

Sarah Newman

Quality of the craftsmanship and leather is top notch, I love my dice chest! It has attachments on the side so I could attach one of my many bag straps to it for easy carrying which I had not noticed, very much appreciate that thought in the design as it will make life easier, as someone with mobility issues I find anything that can be carried hands-free an absolute winner!

Wax seals and extra gifts!

Angelo Victor

This seller is amazing! The item came with wax seals and extra gifts! And the note said what i asked to and it was made on this pretty old looking paper that also had a wax seal! The item was really good quality and i would def buy from this seller again! So nice and such a nice store! wow! Thank you so much!”

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In conclusion, remember to be brave and prepare for battle because we are the underdogs and our destiny awaits.

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D20 metal coin design is (c) Campaign Coins,  designed by Lynda Mills

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