Adjustable Magnetic Flight Stand Combat Riser for Monsters & Minis. Underwater battle stands Gift for Dungeons and Dragons DnD RPG Pathfinder games.

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Adjustable Magnetic Flight Stand Combat Riser for Monsters & Minis. Underwater battle stands Gift for Dungeons and Dragons DnD RPG Pathfinder games.

Great for flying Minis in aerial battles. Perfect for underwater battles DND.

Special Features:
They’re completely compatible (the base is removable), so they can be stored flat.
The telescopic rod is stainless, but the base that acts as a weight is ferrous, which can be quite useful.
Extra magnets provided are very strong.

Magnetic top, adjustable heights.

Comes in 2 sizes:
50mm base for Large Creatures (can pop onto a huge plastic base for huge monsters)
32mm base for Medium and small Creatures – works well for 25mm minis and smaller or slightly larger 🙂

Adjustable Magnetic Flight Stand brilliant for aerial, lava and water combat…Your imagination is the limit!

Comes with 5 strong magnets to attach to Monsters & Flying Minis making them a great gift for DM’s and players alike.

Increments of 5ft starting with a 20ft base height.

We started making items for our own Dungeons and Dragons Game and wanted to make beautiful useful items that people would love but still also wanted to keep our items affordable for players. Wonderful gift or treat yourself.

Adjustable Magnetic Flight Stand Ideas for Wedding, Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary Gifts.

We are also on Instagram as creativequestuk –

Ships from London, United Kingdom.

Fab for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts and other special occasions.

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Additional information

Combat Riser Sizes

Large Mini 50mm & up, Med Mini 32mm base


magnets, stainless steel

27 reviews for Adjustable Magnetic Flight Stand Combat Riser for Monsters & Minis. Underwater battle stands Gift for Dungeons and Dragons DnD RPG Pathfinder games.

  1. Connor Lebsack

    Extremely functional and user friendly

  2. Franz Cruickshank

    Review has no content.

  3. Malvina Koepp

    Review has no content.

  4. Gabriella Bailey

    Arrived ASAP and in great condition with some lovely extras in the package, thanks!

  5. Gay Dare

    This is an amazing product that works really really well with small-medium sized creature miniatures. Great for play and easily transportable. Thank you so much for this product.

  6. Cassandra Schowalter

    Review has no content.

  7. Nakia Carter

    These are great! I can wait to try them out. Thanks!

  8. Westley Heidenreich

    Exactly what I wanted for my d&d game! Thank you!

  9. Amara Jacobi

    Review has no content.

  10. Jordi Prosacco

    This concept has become popular recently, but it's hard to find someone actually making them. The quality of them really blew me out of the water, it's much better than ones I have seen made before. Everything from the parts to the packaging showed they really cared about the product.

    Fight me in the sky!!!

  11. Horace Watsica

    Review has no content.

  12. Jermaine Hayes

    Bought as a gift so will update review once recipient has opened. However amazing customer service before I had even ordered, I had some questions the seller answered very quickly and even gave me extra ideas of how this can be used. Very passionate and knowledgeable seller and would highly recommend! Beautiful gift wrapped too!

  13. Neha Mayer

    Great packaging and loved the product!

  14. Dell Goyette

    Fantastic DM tool. Easy to use, easily extendable and the magnets are quite sturdy. Thanks a bunch~!

  15. Deon Kutch

    The best flight stands for aerial, aquatic, or any form of multi-tier combat using miniatures. Seller was quick to respond to questions and items were in excellent condition when they arrived. I bought 10, but if I ever need more, I’ll be sure to support this seller again. Great purchase experience, high quality product, 100% satisfied customer.

  16. Berneice Howe

    Very clever and expertly done. More expensive than I anticipated (thought I was purchasing a pack but actually ordered one). Still a great product.

  17. Lorna Gibson

    Very happy with this! The metal feels strong and the magnets are very strong. Only drawback is that one of the magnets was broken on arrival. Not a big deal, I can get more.

  18. Samantha McCullough

    Great product! Does exactly what I need and such a space saver! Definitely buying another maybe 2 ?

  19. Pauline Hammes

    High quality materials are sturdy and work with all of my flying minis! I use this every game and I love my flight stands! I ordered 3 and they all came fast in neat packaging. Definitely the best!

  20. Laverna Davis

    Review has no content.

  21. Cesar Cronin

    Perfect!! Note for everyone, Closed they are “15 feet” in the air, doesn’t bother me at all, but good to know

  22. Corene Funk

    Just started a space campaign and we’re trying out new things for 3D battles—this is a must have!

  23. Yasmine Bergnaum

    From earlier reviews, I already expected good quality, and I was still pleasantly surprised that these stands were better than they even let on!

    My favorite features:
    – They're completely compactable (the base is removable), so they can be stored flat.
    – The telescopic rod is stainless, but the base that acts as a weight IS ferrous, which can be quite useful.
    – The (likely neodymium) magnets in these (and the extra provided) are VERY strong.

    These are worth every penny, and I intend to buy more.

    One potential "negative" aspect is there is no space for any reasonable tool to tighten the screws, so it can only be hand-tight, and they loosen fairly easily. Honestly it's a pretty simple fix if you just add some thread sealant tape, since it'll tighten it, but not permanently like super glue.

  24. Cesar Cronin

    These are soo clutch! My players and i use magnetic terrain, so these help our flying characters & monsters a lot!

    We’ve just used it as a place holder for the height of a room- its so great

  25. Nikita Luettgen

    All here and in one piece

  26. Pedro Kling

    Very cool and looking forward to use in game as iv got under sea situations a plenty.

  27. Landen Trantow

    Review has no content.

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