Vegan D20 Crit Dice Box Magnetic Close Dice Box, Dice Vault, Dice Tray and Holder for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, RPG & DMs

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Vegan D20 Crit Dice Box

Vegan D20 Crit Leather Magnetic Close Dice Box, Dice Vault, Dice Tray and Holder for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, RPG & DMs

Will fit one special set of polyhedral (poly) dice in different organised sections.

Seals shut with magnets for safe travel.

Beautiful D20 Dragon Feature. An ideal gift for Dungeon Masters.

Wonderful gift for Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters.

Perfect Dice Tray Box for role play games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

When making items for our own Dungeons and Dragons Game, we wanted to make beautiful useful items that people would love. Also want to keep our items affordable for players.

Looking for a DnD or RPG related gift for him or her?

A special gift for any occasion grab this Vegan D20 Crit Dice Box. Dungeons and Dragons groups love our Dice Tray Boxes for D&D games.

Make it your quest to find the perfect item for yourself or give one as a gift to someone special. Role play game players of all ages love them. We draw inspiration from fantastic books and shows like the Walking Dead, Vikings and Game of Thrones. Youtube fans of Critical Role are the sort of people that love our book boxes and dice trays.

All our handmade items are limited editions therefore great care has been taken to ensure each piece is well made.

Dice not included.

NB: This set is not made of Amethyst Stone they are just made to look like Amethyst Stone.

We are also on Instagram as creativequestuk – Come and Visit us

Ships from London, United Kingdom.

Great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts and other special occasions.

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Dungeons and Dragons Hand Crafted RPG Gifts, Healing Potions, DnD Gift Boxes, Dice Trays, Dice Jails and more

First of all, introducing the designers, Claudia and Bobby. We started out making our own healing Potions, book boxes and leather dice bags to contain our dice addiction. Dungeons and Dragons is what we do for fun. When our dnd players saw these they consequently wanted them too. We discovered the need for quirky accessories like dice jails, inspiration tokens and flight stands. All our players needed things like telescopic, magnetic flight stands but we couldn’t find them on the market.

Dungeons and Dragons handmade RPG Gifts, Healing Potions, DnD Gift Boxes

Design is our passion along with Dungeons and Dragons so we continued creating these decorative dnd book boxes and dice bags. Why not be one of the first to own one of these magical items for your own gameplay. We can create books especially for your character. Choose one from our shop, all our items are hand crafted and have a rich waxed finish and as a result they are creating a bit of a buzz in the role play gaming community.

8 reviews for Vegan D20 Crit Dice Box Magnetic Close Dice Box, Dice Vault, Dice Tray and Holder for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, RPG & DMs

  1. Magdalena McGlynn

    Super speedy delivery. Vault feels lovely with foam insert for dice! Very happy with purchase would definitely buy from again!

  2. Albertha Hahn

    Outstanding quality; I'm so happy with this!

  3. Daisha Streich

    Review has no content.

  4. Pierce Mertz

    I bought this as a gift for a D&D and dice loving friend and they love it! Their dice fit well into the holders and the box is really well made.

  5. Johnny Satterfield

    Beautiful bit of kit…couldn’t recommend more!

  6. Myrtle Corkery

    Fantastic Quality and Feel with great craftsmanship and an incredibly satisfying snap on closure. The dice cutouts also perfectly fit my current set.

  7. Ferne Friesen

    Review has no content.

  8. Lexie Grimes

    Review has no content.

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