Spellbound Polyhedral Dice for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. DnD Gifts RPG Gift

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Spellbound Polyhedral Dice for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. DnD Gifts RPG Gift.

Spellbound Polyhedral Dice – A Perfect gift for Dungeons and Dragons,
Pathfinder, Starfinder and Lord of the Rings games.

Wedding, Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary Gifts.

Ships from London, United Kingdom.

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Ships from London, United Kingdom.

Great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts and other special occasions.NOTE: All Natural materials have flaws, please note that we do our best to avoid these but working with natural materials these are unavoidable.

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First of all, introducing the designers, Claudia and Bobby. We started out making our own healing Potions, book boxes and leather dice bags to contain our dice addiction. We love playing our beloved game of Dungeons and Dragons. Once our dnd players saw these they wanted one too. We discovered the need for quirky accessories like dice jails, inspiration tokens and flight stands. All our players needed things like telescopic, magnetic flight stands but we couldn’t find them on the market.

Welcome Dungeons and Dragons Players and DMs, Enjoy the Adventure Dungeons and Dragons handmade RPG Gifts, Healing Potions, DnD Gift Box Designers

Design is our passion along with Dungeons and Dragons so we continued creating these decorative dnd book boxes and dice bags. Why not be one of the first to own one of these magical items for your own gameplay. We can create books especially for your character. Choose one from our shop, all our items are hand crafted and have a rich waxed finish and as a result they are creating a bit of a buzz in the role play gaming community.

54 reviews for Spellbound Polyhedral Dice for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. DnD Gifts RPG Gift

  1. Colby Kuvalis

    They looks great and came in a very nice fancy envelope with a cute little character sheep for DnD.

  2. Delfina Nader

    This is a really high quality product, the dice look even more gorgeous in person than in photos! The presentation was lovely, from the gold dice bag and character sheet to even the little wax seal on the envelope. Even with all this all this, this set was no more expensive than the plain sets you get in plastic containers at game shops, I highly recommend, will be shopping here again!

  3. Joanny Hagenes

    Looking nice as in picture, came fast and in a nice envelope, got a char sheet to and also the nice golden pouch. Toads were anxious to see the new dice! Premium product!

  4. Maud Simonis

    Super pretty dice that came extremely quickly including a golden dice bag and character sheet (and have been rolling pretty well!) Thanks!

  5. Verlie Mosciski

    There was a bit of a communication mixup and only one set arrived, however Claudia was extremely quick to reply and the second set arrived a couple of days later.

    The set is gorgeous, the golden bags they came in were lovely, and the general presentation and delivery of the items were a lovely touch.

  6. Ida Larkin

    these dice are just amazing, perferct color, glitter and realy good handmade product.

  7. Loyal Stiedemann

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  8. Dell Towne

    Super beautiful, love the glitter and color combo

  9. Tiana Bernhard

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  10. Maureen Kovacek

    Review has no content.

  11. Alvena Kuhn

    ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I couldn't be happier with my order! Aside the fact that this set is just gorgeous, they came in a little gold bag and with a character sheet! Also the envelope was black with a wax sigil that was really fancy and it made me squeal a bit tbh ahah! 10/10 would recommend this seller and their products!!

  12. Olin Hansen

    These dice are so lovely! Fast shipping. Great communication from the seller. Fantastic attention to detail.

  13. Bryon Boyer

    They’re so sparkly and the colours are so deep! I love them so much.

  14. Hollie Abshire

    This is by far my favourite colourway of the bunch, nothing but stunning! I'd mentioned to the seller about a white mark I found inside one of the dice that was a little unusual but rather noticeable and they were extremely kind and fixed the problem for me straight away. All of the dice are beautiful!

  15. Burnice Sauer

    The nicest dice currently in my collection!

  16. Anahi Corkery

    These are such lovely dice and they served me well in my DnD game tonight! Thank you so much for this lovely set!

  17. Eliane Little

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  18. Madison Erdman

    Very fast shipping, GORGEOUS colours and the packaging is magnificent

  19. Lisa Prohaska

    Perfect in every way! Pictures dont do them justice. Theyre GORGEOUS in person!

  20. Nico Bode

    very beautiful and fast delivery

  21. Mabelle Kozey

    Beautiful dice, the colours are even prettier in real life.

  22. Zola Boyer

    They came quickly and are well made. Very pretty and have a great click clack!

  23. Sharon Pfannerstill

    Beautiful dice, very well made and lovely packaging.
    The parcel arrived almost immediately!

  24. Broderick Satterfield

    Awesome! Very friendly costumer service.

  25. June Schuppe

    Oh my, these dice are beautiful! They are a present for someone and I don't even play dnd but I might have to start now I know you can get these beautiful dice!
    They were packaged beautifully with care and could have been sent straight to the recipient they looked that nice.

    Real thought and care went into this package and I really appreciate it.

  26. Brant Franecki

    Arrived super quick and are soo pretty. Can't wait to give these to my friend for Christmas. Loved the free character card too!

  27. Antonina Ortiz

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  28. Aleen Herzog

    Absolutely GORGEOUS !! Came neatly packaged in an envelope with a beautiful wax seal, a character sheet, and a card with some game rules!

    I already expected the dice to be beautiful because of the photo, but they are even more stunning in person.

  29. Preston Tremblay

    These dice are gorgeous! Very true to the photo. They are quite dark, and the shimmer makes them feel mysterious. Would definitely buy again!

  30. Dewayne Boyle

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  31. Drake Jacobson

    Beautiful dice! Bought them as a gift for my husband who loves RPGs/dice sets and he described them as “high quality”. The seller was great! even provided a small note from me to my husband with a wax seal to make it more special. Thank you!!

  32. Janae Keeling

    Amazing delivery and product 🙂

  33. Berry Bartoletti

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  34. Sydni Marvin

    These are *so* much better than I anticipated. The colours are beautiful and overall I could highly recommend you get a set

  35. Leonora Volkman

    They’re gorgeous, they’re slightly more green and less blue than I thought they’d be, but still stunning

  36. Josefa Rath

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  37. Oral Sanford

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  38. Elnora Lesch

    such beautiful dice!! I got these for a friend and they are going to love them!! thank you so much.

  39. Lenora Simonis

    Enchanting dice set, subtle sparkle, delightful colouring. I imagine this set would be as stunning with silver hints in place of the gold too, would love to see that as an option. These dice have magic in them. I opened the bag to look at them and once back in the bag I can see they want to be released to unleash their magic, I cannot for the life of me get the drawstring on the bag to stay tied! This adds to their charm, I feel in using these any class would have a charisma boost. These dice have a story of their own to tell ?

  40. Tracy Jakubowski

    More beautiful in real !! So good looking ! I'm in love of it !

  41. Estell Wolff

    Amazing colors. Perfect!

  42. Maybelle Hill

    These are beautiful, really well made and my sister loves them! Bought for her birthday because she's getting into dnd, and she's used them every time

  43. Genoveva Lesch

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  44. Creola Fadel

    These were so beautiful and recipient loved them!

  45. Clarabelle Pacocha

    Beautiful dice!! They arrived a lot quicker than I expected, so I'm super stoked to be using them for future games! Amazing quality and look gorgeous! Thank you so much!!

  46. Jolie Bradtke

    Very happy with these dice, they're absolutely stunning

  47. Tom Brakus

    I fell in love with these! They are my absolute favourite. My friends now want a set.

  48. Ahmad Kertzmann

    I love these dice, and I’m sure the recipient will love them too! There’s so much depth and so many different colours in them, they look amazing and photos really don’t do them justice. They were beautifully packaged (love the wax seal!) and arrived in the expected timeframe. Thank you so much for helping me make someone’s day! ?

  49. Gina Kessler

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  50. Chadrick Gleason

    Absolutely incredible and gorgeous dice, the seller was so friendly and can't put into words how pretty they are.

  51. Delta Corwin

    Review has no content.

  52. Ian Ledner

    Beautiful colours, feel good and loved the packaging really lovely over all

  53. Anjali Murray

    Review has no content.

  54. Josianne Harris

    Beautiful dice and very quick delivery

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