Dungeons and Dragons – 2 set Healing Potions RPG Fantasy Gifts games magic potion bottles gift DnD DnD5e

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Dungeons and Dragons 2 set Healing Potions for RPG fantasy gift games Props magic potion bottles gifts – DnD DnD5e

Potion of Healing (2 x D4 Dice), potion of Greater Healing (4 x D4 Dice)

Beautifully crafted Potion Bottle, with wax bottle neck, removable cork, revealing all the D4 Dice for the appropriate Healing Potion.

Wonderful gift or treat yourself.

Glass wax string cork.

Contain the right amount of D4 dice.

Wedding, Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary Gifts.

Size in CM:
8 high x 5 wide x 5 deep

Ships from London, United Kingdom.

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5 reviews for Dungeons and Dragons – 2 set Healing Potions RPG Fantasy Gifts games magic potion bottles gift DnD DnD5e

  1. Minnie Spinka

    These were a perfect Christmas present for my husband. He loves the color of the dice inside and how they look wax sealed but are completely reusable. And as a bonus for his players, he's inspired to hand out more healing potions in game!

  2. Darrick Erdman

    These are fantastic. The communication was great and the items arrived looking marvelous, except for one small hairline crack. Immediately a new one was sent. My social media account received a ridiculous number of likes associated with this product. They’re beautiful. My daughters love using them to heal up after a tough battle with an army of Draco-Liches lead by their Undead Tarrasque Master! ???

  3. Misty O’Conner

    Absolutely in love with these. ?

    My campaign immersion just leveled up!

  4. Yolanda Prosacco

    Got these as a Valentine’s gift. They are so cute! I hope he likes them!

  5. Esperanza Stracke

    I made a large purchase of various Healing Potions. One of them arrived broken, but Claudia was very quick to the rescue. I am fairly crafty, but the quality here unparalleled. I am very grateful that I was able to get these for my D&D group, and want to thank CreativeQuestShop for making it happen.

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