Aquamarine Polyhedral Dice for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. DnD Gifts RPG Gift

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Aquamarine Polyhedral Dice for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. DnD Gifts RPG Gift.

These Aquamarine Dice for RPG is a perfect gift for Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder.

These are not real stone.

We are also on Instagram as creativequestuk –

Ships from London, United Kingdom.

Great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts and other special occasions.

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First of all, introducing the designers, Claudia and Bobby. We started out making our own healing Potions, book boxes and leather dice bags to contain our dice addiction. Dungeons and Dragons is what we do for fun. When our dnd players saw these they consequently wanted them too. We discovered the need for quirky accessories like dice jails, inspiration tokens and flight stands. All our players needed things like telescopic, magnetic flight stands but we couldn’t find them on the market.

Dungeons and Dragons handmade RPG Gifts, Healing Potions, DnD Gift Boxes

Design is our passion along with Dungeons and Dragons so we continued creating these decorative dnd book boxes and dice bags. Why not be one of the first to own one of these magical items for your own gameplay. We can create books especially for your character. Choose one from our shop, all our items are hand crafted and have a rich waxed finish and as a result they are creating a bit of a buzz in the role play gaming community.

Dungeons & Dragons established the 7-dice set that has become the standard for hundreds of different RPGs since. A good set of dice is precious, as it can determine the very fate of your character. Each die is important and will be used at different times and in different situations throughout the game, depending on the circumstances your character is involved in and what action your character is looking to take. It’s always a good time to be playing Dungeons & Dragons.

39 reviews for Aquamarine Polyhedral Dice for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. DnD Gifts RPG Gift

  1. Libby Zieme

    Stunning dice! Really pleased and the service from Creative Quest Shop was phenomenal – always recommend!

  2. Kallie Boyle

    Absolutely amazing set that glows in light that came In very creative packaging as well as wonderful service from the seller answering all questions I gave.

  3. Stella Schmitt

    Quick delivery and was beautifully packaged! Am very happy with my purchase, and will be recommending to friends.

  4. Bertha Conroy

    These are so pretty! The envelope had a nice stamp as well and the provided character sheet is really cool. I can't wait to use these in my next session!

  5. Leta Borer

    Beautiful dice and the character sheet that came with it is cute too. The wax seal on the envelope was a lovely touch, all in all I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for beautiful affordable dice. I'll be back

  6. Karine Bernier

    Arrived in nice time as a birthday present for a friend. Really subtle but pretty marbling colour, thank you!

  7. Erica Wintheiser

    Gorgeous colour, a little more blue in the flesh than pics. That's a plus for me, but maybe be aware of lighting if you're buying. The light catches them really beautifully though. I love them!

  8. Oma Strosin

    Absolutely gorgeous dice for my first set as I only really play online, came in lovely packaging and a character sheet as a nice gesture.

  9. Amina Conroy

    Gorgeous dice, seem to almost glow! I cant wait for sessions to start to use them!

  10. Mason Breitenberg

    I love these dice! The colour of blue is so pretty and bright, almost neon in certain lighting. Customer service was also great and got back to me quickly. Would definitely recommend.

  11. Kaitlyn Hettinger

    Beautiful dice and really quick delivery

  12. Blanche Pfannerstill

    The colour is sooooo mesmerising, and cannot wait to use them. A lot of thought has gone into everything and love it.

  13. Moises Gislason

    Cute colour and good quality, thanks!

  14. Paige Mills

    Came so quickly and are absolutely stunning!

  15. Dell Towne

    Pretty! Arrived safe and sound

  16. Margaret Abernathy

    Lovely product with gorgeous packaging, thank you!

  17. Maegan Lebsack

    Review has no content.

  18. Jaquelin Weber

    The packaging was really adorable!! The dice set is exactly how it looks in the photo and the extra character sheet is really cool!

  19. Anahi Corkery

    Gave these dice as a gift to my datemate and they absolutely loved them! Beautiful dice

  20. Nona Harris

    These dice are lovely, the blue is so pretty! I'm excited to have them as part of my collection 😀

  21. Krystal Wisozk

    I love the dice! They are so pretty and I’m excited to use them! Great choice for my first set of dice

  22. Gabe Hartmann

    Review has no content.

  23. Jazlyn Paucek

    Review has no content.

  24. Bernita Williamson

    Shipped right away (came much faster than I thought they would too, I live in Canada)
    Just as pictured too, I love them!

  25. Rosalee Sporer

    Review has no content.

  26. Royal Lueilwitz

    I love it so much! They're perfect and so pretty!!

  27. Dalton Beer

    stunning, find them really easy to roll. Great feel in my hands. They are sooo stunning in person, i never thought i would be in so much love with a set of dice as i am.

  28. Makayla Heathcote

    My lady loved em. They roll very well. I would order from here again.

  29. Cheyenne Legros

    These are very pretty and arrived in a lovely envelope with a wax seal perfect for giving as a present.

  30. Wanda Davis

    The dice were perfect and delivery was super fast!

  31. Nella Schuppe

    This s such a brilliant seller! Friendly and professional with quality products! I’m a repeat buyer.

  32. Jazlyn Kreiger

    Review has no content.

  33. Rosamond Roberts

    I'm not a role game player but enjoy nice dice & I'm in love with those. The color is sooo pretty & perfect !!!
    I do use them when I need to select random choices but I do admit that the free character sheet make me will to try to know more about this type of game.

  34. Drew Kertzmann

    Review has no content.

  35. Nadia Johnston

    I loooove them! So pretty! Will by more 😀

  36. Shaniya McClure

    Original and very pretty dice, to make a nice collection 🙂

  37. Angeline Morissette

    The dice are lovely, exactly as pictured, and the numbering on them is clear and well done.

    They arrived quickly and were well packaged, with some lovely additions like a bag for the dice, a D&D 5e rules quick reference card, and a character sheet.

    I subtracted a star because one of the dice has a slightly cracked corner, though I admit this may have happened during shipping and might not be the fault of the seller.

  38. Chadrick Gleason

    Amazingly pretty dicd, got them super quick and the seller was great.

  39. Eloisa Ferry

    Review has no content.

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