Druid Class Wild Shape Polyhedral Dice for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder Gifts RPG Gift

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Druid Class Dice Wild Shape Polyhedral for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. DnD Gifts RPG Gift

This Wild Shape Druid Class Dice set is slightly bigger than regular poly sets so the vault only fits standard poly dice not these dice A Perfect gift for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinde and Starfinder games and they contain a leopards face.

Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Larping LARP. Coin Pouch or gift Bag for jewellery.

We are also on Instagram as creativequestuk – https://www.instagram.com/creativequestuk/

Comes with a Character Sheet and Reference Card and Metallic Gold C5 Envelope.

Dungeons and Dragons gaming accessories

Ships from London, United Kingdom

Great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts and other special occasions.

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First of all, introducing the designers, Claudia and Bobby. We started out making our own healing Potions, book boxes and leather dice bags to contain our dice addiction. Dungeons and Dragons is what we do for fun. When our dnd players saw these they consequently wanted them too. We discovered the need for quirky accessories like dice jails, inspiration tokens and flight stands. All our players needed things like telescopic, magnetic flight stands but we couldn’t find them on the market.

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Design is our passion along with Dungeons and Dragons so we continued creating these decorative dnd book boxes and dice bags. Why not be one of the first to own one of these magical items for your own gameplay. We can create books especially for your character. Choose one from our shop, all our items are hand crafted and have a rich waxed finish and as a result they are creating a bit of a buzz in the role play gaming community.

Dungeons & Dragons established the 7-dice set that has become the standard for hundreds of different RPGs since. A good set of dice is precious, as it can determine the very fate of your character. Each die is important and will be used at different times and in different situations throughout the game, depending on the circumstances your character is involved in and what action your character is looking to take. It’s always a good time to be playing Dungeons & Dragons.

56 reviews for Druid Class Wild Shape Polyhedral Dice for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder Gifts RPG Gift

  1. Yoshiko Kirlin

    Great product and fantastic seller

  2. Sage Trantow

    Truly beautiful dice. Seller sent orders for multiple sets in two shipments, with gorgeous wax-sealed presentation and an appealing charismatic communication style.
    Sincerity of comms made my week. Definitely a seller to return to. Thx.

  3. Elaina Schiller

    The dice roll well and are satisfying to hold. They're good quality and came in pretty packaging! It was a pleasant experience unpacking them!

  4. Roslyn Ferry

    These were a gift for a friend. He loved them. Customer service great and good quality dice.

  5. Susanna Lebsack

    These are fantastic. Very well made, and arrived even faster than expected. Also received a few extras and it was packaged really excellently and the seller was super communicative.

  6. Chanelle Huels

    Great dice, love the colours perfect for my Druid

  7. Elnora Lesch

    The dice are BEAUTIFUL. I got them for a friend and they are going to love them. The quality is wonderful and I will be grabbing some for myself asap!!

  8. Mary Oberbrunner

    Really high quality and really fast shipping! The dice are beautiful, I couldn't be happier with them

  9. Ernie Steuber

    I love these dice and was so excited to use them for the first time. Super pretty, arrived so quickly, and CreativeQuestShop was so sweet and thoughtful!

  10. Jaquan Walker

    Dice are a little large, but otherwise really excellent product.

  11. Garry Gorczany

    The dice look amazing and the heads are clearly visible!

  12. Holden Tillman

    Review has no content.

  13. Lue Hane

    Review has no content.

  14. Jarrell Schowalter

    Review has no content.

  15. Jamal Walter

    The dice are GORGEUS. The vendor is marvelous, and tries to keep track of the order in case you are not happy with it or its delayed, etc. Shipment was pretty fast, too.

    If you see any dice you like, go for it! I will repeat in case I can, for sure. I don't have photos from my order because it was a gift, but it's exactly as it is in the photo.

  16. Oran Jenkins

    Review has no content.

  17. Viviane Hagenes

    Review has no content.

  18. Maggie McLaughlin

    Quality seems good. Item as described seems correct but didn't look anything like the picture. My expectations were woefully missed. The above link to "get help with your order" doesn't address the problem. I will keep them as a reminder to be careful what you order.

  19. Elinore Stoltenberg

    much faster delivery than expected, the dice are gorgeous!

  20. Vida Gutkowski

    They came as described and shown. I love them a lot and I love using them for my Druid. The shop owner was very communicative!

  21. Crystal Hegmann

    Absolutely love them. They work for my Druid’s that I play which is all the time.

  22. Macie Willms

    Bought this for my friend for his birthday and he loves it! Beautifully made!

  23. Boyd Ankunding

    The dice are beautiful and the packaging was amazing! I loved the free character sheet and the wax seal!

  24. Stephany Runte

    The dice are very well made and pretty. The seller was very helpful with any issues that came up. I would definitely order dice from here again.

  25. Shaniya McClure

    Original and very pretty dice, to make a nice collection 🙂

  26. Roberto Windler

    Having just gone back to in person dnd I finally got to use these nice and they didn’t disappoint. Lovely perfect dice for my druid.

  27. Jaylin Maggio

    Love the dice set. One of my favorites!

  28. Maxwell Price

    Great, and helpful seller! great amount of communication

  29. Schuyler Ebert

    Review has no content.

  30. Cleta Johnson

    Review has no content.

  31. Johnnie Klocko

    Review has no content.

  32. Anika McDermott

    Review has no content.

  33. Cedrick Abbott

    Review has no content.

  34. Ophelia Toy

    Review has no content.

  35. Sarina Krajcik

    Review has no content.

  36. Natasha Klocko

    These are great! As described and arrived timely. Beautiful to look at and my wife loves them.

  37. Demarcus Ankunding

    Perfect for a Druid class

  38. Delphine Fahey

    Review has no content.

  39. Pinkie Thiel

    Superb fast and efficient service

  40. Savannah Hintz

    Review has no content.

  41. Jazlyn Barton

    Absolutely love these dice and the Seller was very friendly and kept me up to date on delivery.

  42. Maida Hansen

    They're really cool, my buddy loved them!

  43. Cortez Funk

    Love the look of the dice. They have these metallic looking artifacts inside them. Unique look.

  44. Mollie Hickle

    Review has no content.

  45. Nona Muller

    These are the cutest dice!

  46. Assunta Hilpert

    Review has no content.

  47. Alvina Jacobs

    Super cute. A gift for my daughter so cannot comment on their performance but very pretty dice. As the chest is so beautifully wrapped, I am leaving that for my daughter to open. Would definitely recommend this shop

  48. Petra Lind

    Review has no content.

  49. Abagail Champlin

    Very well made and a great set of dice.

  50. Hope Barrows

    Got these dice as a Secret Santa gift and my friend loved them!

  51. Paige Volkman

    Review has no content.

  52. Nelda Kihn

    They are wonderful sellers of lovely things!!!! Great communication and it’s obvious they love what they do!!

  53. Earlene Kuhlman

    made a lovely gift, thank you

  54. Willis Towne

    they match my hunter character perfectly! so beautiful and love them so much 😀

  55. Earnestine Ziemann

    Review has no content.

  56. Antoinette Runolfsdottir

    Review has no content.

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