Large Dice Bag Celtic Druid Dungeons and Dragons Dark Green Leather – DnD Dicebag Coin Pouch LARP Bag Dungeon Gifts RPG DND


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Dice Bag Dungeons and Dragons Dark Green Leather Celtic Knot Triquetra Dice Bag DnD Dicebag Gifts Coin Pouch Larping LARP gift.

Our large dice bag hold 14 sets of polyhedral dice. Finally a dice bag that opens up enough to see all your dice at once.

The Trinity Knot is the most favoured Celtic pattern and its popularity continues to grow. The Celtic era used this symbol to represent earth, sea and sky. It was later adopted in the Christian Cross and is more well-known for this. It also appeared in the Book Of Kells and adorns the beautiful pages.

We started making items for our own Dungeons and Dragons Game. We wanted to make beautiful useful items that people would love.

Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Larping LARP. Coin Pouch or gift Bag for jewellery.
Great for Pathfinder and Lord of the Rings games.

Wedding Christmas Birthday and Anniversary Gifts.

Ships from London, United Kingdom.

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