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Dungeons and Dragons DnD Wooden Dice Jail Prison for your misbehaving Dice!


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Dungeons and Dragons DnD DnD5e Wooden Dice Jail Prison for your misbehaving Dice!

High quality workmanship with solid metal bars.

The bottom has a luxury soft genuine leather base to protect your table with our makers mark.

Rich waxed finished.

Wedding Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts and Anniversary Gifts.

All our handmade items are limited editions therefore great care has been taken to ensure each piece is well made.

Size in CM:
Exterior: 10 high x 10 wide x 10 deep

Be brave and prepare for battle because we are the underdogs who roll for initiative as our destiny awaits.

We are also on Instagram as creativequestuk

Additional information

Dimensions 28 × 18 × 7 cm


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