Black Dragon Eye Dice Book Box




First of all notice the gothic metal dragon eye and high quality workmanship. A beautiful book hand crafted in black textured high quality leather. A very popular keepsake box for jewellery or other bits. Imagine receiving this as a gift, the wow factor as it arrives in the mail in beautifully wrapped in soft coloured tissue paper.

Gothic black leather, for perfect dice rolling

This stunning box is perfect for dice rolling and keeping all your gaming accessories like figures, notes and pens in. We have a wide range of leather and as a result we can line  the interior with the perfect colour to enhance the design.

Rich waxed Finished Gothic Book Box

Finally but very important is the beautiful feeling for the rich waxed wood finish which makes it very luxurious to touch. Other finishes can be a bit rough therefore choose your book box wisely.

Gothic Design

Finally a gift design that is very special and consequently very well treasured. Why not treat yourself to a bit of fantasy and fun with many designs to choose from. Perfect for keeping all your gaming accessories like figures, notes and pens.

Size in CM:
Exterior: 21 high x 17 wide x 7 deep
Interior: 18 high x 14 wide


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